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We belong to, dedicate, and grow our village

Our Story

Laha Divepacker (LDP) is home to introduce the great our underwater world to the people around, and to facilitate them through the existing potential, therefore providing comfort and pleasure to our guests.

Dude, Ardan and Ariy. We are all locals from Laha, who have worked as dive guides at several dive centers and resorts in Ambon and elsewhere in Indonesia. After deciding to be independent and worked freelance, with shared vision and mission to grow our village and the human resources around us, eventually more convinced than ever to operate our own dive center_ stand on our feet_ and be hosts in our own home.

With the support of funds and space provided by the village government, we were finally able to run our own dive center under the name LAHA DIVEPACKER. LAHA for the name of our village, where the world’s underwater treasures are explored, and Divepacker for the simplicity we have but with a service that we believe will please our guests from all over the world.

Meet us, who you may have already met